Vacuum-therapy is one of the most effective and physiologic method of nonmedicamentous improvement of an organism which operates due to mobilization of its own resourses.
It is one of the most effective way of the preventation of a lot of diseases.It's the method which allows quickly and safely remove painful syndromes of a lot of diseases. It's the method activating microcirculation of all liquid environment in an organism,that is especially important for the regenerations of tissues.Vacuum therapy is the method allowing quickly and qualitatively clear an organism from collected slags.
The main principle of vacuum therapy is a creation of horizontal-vertical changes of pressure upon surfaces of tissues that allows to study deep tissues of muscles, and other tissue structures and also acts more intensively in comparison with the other kinds of massage on microcirculation of liquids-blood,lymph and intertissue liquid,to put into operation nonfunctioning capillaries,to strength metabolic process.
Vacuum therapy is used at:
1.Pathology of the vertebral column, osteochondrosis, miofascial pains in a back,radiculitises, ishias.
2.Neurologic diseases and pathologies of vascular system .
3.Internal diseases-chronic tracheobronchitis, chronic pneumonia,bronchial asthma,distonia,stomach ulcer in a phase of remission,chronic locks.
4.Cosmetology- early aging of skin, weakness of muscles face,double chin,cellulitis.