AP 01

The household activator waters (electroactivator) AP1 - easy to use compact apparatus allowing everyone in house conditions of all for 20 minutes to receive about 1,4 litres activated ("alive" and "dead") waters.


For this purpose it is enough to fill a vessel with water, to switch on and through 20-30 minutes to merge already activated water in different vessels. The device is safe , certificated, and consumes electricity 40 watt. The activated water quickly and effectively treats many diseases at that without any "chemistry". It apply in a facilities in a life, in a garden and in a kitchen garden, in the hygienic purposes, in animal industries and poultry farming, etc. Efficiency of action of the activated water is enlarged and consequently, that during an electrolysis "dead" water gets positive, and "alive" - negative electric potential. It becomes as though weak electrolyte which quickly cooperate with liquids of an organism (a gastric juice, a blood, a lymph, an intercellular liquid, etc.). The organism of the person is a power system. The long practice of application of the activated water has confirmed conclusions of scientists to what positive and negative charges of this water rather promote maintenance of power balance of cells.



"DEAD" WATER (Anolite, acid water, bactericide) - a colorless liquid with a smell of an acid, acidic, knitting. Its рН = 2,5-3,5. The properties are kept with 1-2 weeks at storage in the closed vessels. "Dead" water - fine bactericide, desinfector. It is possible to gargle a nose, a mouth, a throat at catarrhal diseases, during flu epidemics, after visiting infectious patients, out-patient departments, places of a clump of people. it is possible to disinfect bandage, linen, various container, furniture, even rooms and a ground. This water takes out a blood pressure, abirritates nerves, improves a dream, reduces a joint pain of arms and legs, possesses dissolving action, destroys a fungus, very quickly treats a rhinitis and other. It is useful to gargle a mouth after meal - will not bleed a gum, stones will gradually be dissolved.

"ALIVE" WATER (Katolite, alkaline water, a biostimulator) - very soft, colorless liquid with alkaline taste, рН = 8,5-10,5. After reaction in it deposits - all impurity of water drop out, including both radionuclides and water is cleared. The properties keeps week, at storage in the closed vessel. This water - an excellent stimulator, restores immune system of an organism, provides antioxidatic protection of an organism, especially in a combination to application of vitamins, an energy source. Not vainly it have named "alive" water. It activates bioprocesses of an organism, increases a blood pressure, improves appetite, a metabolism, passage of peep, the general state of health. It quickly heals various wounds, including stomach ulcers and intestines, decubituses, trophic ulcers, combustions. This water softens a skin, gradually smoothes folds, destroys a dandruff, does{makes} hair silky, etc. In "alive" water quickly come to life old flowers and green vegetables and are longly kept, and seeds after soaking in this water sprout more quickly, more amicably, at use - grow is better and give a greater crop.


Force of a current of an electrolysis, And - 0,2-0,7
Time of activation, mines, no more - 40
Volume of the activated water:
* ANOLITE, liter - 0,3
* KATHOLITE, liter - 0,9
Power consumption, VA, no more - 70
Mass (without activated water), kg, no more - 2,0
Power supply: 220V  with United States and Canada electric outlets110V-120V you will need to converting US voltage 110V AC to 220-240V AC (you can choose an adaptor HERE).

1.Electroactivator "AP1".
2.English instruction manual.
7.Electric power source
8.Original factory factory bag.


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2.Video DVD Manual (English, German) for DENS Therapy.


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3)Q: Can this be used with United States
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A: you will need to converting US voltage 110V AC to 220-240V AC
(you can choose an adaptor HERE).

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